Best Guyana Travel Vlogs

If you’re living in Guyana or a Guyanese living abroad, you may wonder what impressions foreign travellers get when they first visit Guyana. Foreign tourism and travel is on the rise in Guyana, and some of these travellers are part of the YouTube travel vlog community. Here’s a list of the best Guyana travel vlogs I was able to find.

1. Dylan Efron

First up is the series of videos from Dylan Efron . If the last name Efron sounds familiar, it’s because Dylan is the younger brother of the famous actor Zac Efron. With Dylan being an outdoorsman, his 6 part series filmed in Guyana focuses mainly on the natural beauty of Guyana. He documents his journey as he travels to some of the most remote places in the country, while learning from the Indigenous peoples that are most familiar with those areaa. This series of videos is well shot with some incredible drone footage – you won’t want to miss this!

2. Alex Outhwaite

Up next is the Guyana series from Alex Outhwaite. Alex has 6 videos in her travel vlog series filmed in Guyana. Starting off with a walking tour in Georgetown, she then visits the Rupununi Savannah and the famous Kaieteur Falls. Her videos also covers the traditional Guyanese food and popular dishes, such as the 7-curry. Of all the vlogs on this list, I think Alex manages to get the most out of her trip to Guyana compared to anyone else.

3. shancon

Next on the list is a quite unique series of videos from a Chinese YouTuber named shancon. Shancon is a travel vlogger attempting to visit every single country he can with a Chinese passport. His videos are mostly in Chinese with English subtitles, but it’s a very interesting experience to see, especially in Guyana. Shancon starts off at Cheddi Jagan International Airport and begins walking until he finds someone that can help him get to the nation’s capital. With very limited planning and a slight communication barrier, he manages to connect with Guyanese people and enjoy some of what the country has to offer.

4. Sabbatical

As I mentioned with number 3 (shancon), it’s a very interesting experience to see a foreigner visit Guyana without any sort of plans. That brings me to my next entry on this list, a YouTuber named Sabbatical. In his 3 videos filmed in Guyana, he simply walks around with his camera and begins conversations with people. The 3 videos he has mostly focus on Guyana’s nightlife and celebration/partying. It’s a nice change compared to more professionally shot travel vlogs, and the interactions are far more unique due to the spontaneity.

5. TheLifeOfJord

Finally, the last entry on my list of the best Guyana travel vlogs I could find is by TheLifeOfJord. Similar to the series by Alex Outhwaite, this series of videos covers various areas of Guyana. In the 4 videos on TheLifeOfJord’s channel, he experiences Guyanese cuisine, tracks down a Harpy eagle in the jungle, and visits the Kanuku Mountains and Kaieteur Falls.

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