Best YouTubers from Guyana

As a Guyanese living abroad for over 20 years now, there’s nothing better than watching Guyanese content on YouTube that showcases the country and day to day life. Here are my personal picks for the top 5 Best YouTubers from Guyana. If you have any recommendations of other channels, please leave a comment and let me know!


This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with YouTubers from Guyana. The ITS OUR LIFE – ARD channel tops my list of the Best Youtubers from Guyana. The channel features videos of day to day life from Denny Persaud and his family. He is easily the most popular YouTuber in Guyana right now, and the fame is well deserved. Denny’s videos include fishing, partying and travelling to some of the most beautiful regions in Guyana. Additionally, he does some great charitable work and some of this can be seen in his videos.

2. Damian CoolBoyz

At number 2 on my list is the Guyanese YouTube comedy channel Damian CoolBoyz . The channel features short comedy skits filmed in Guyana by a group that calls themselves the CoolBoyz. The short comedy videos covers topics and scenarios that many Guyanese will be familiar with and is very reminiscent of the old comedy skits from classic Guyanese sitcoms. With over 200,000 subscribers at the time of writing this, I believe the CoolBoyz channel is without doubt, the most subscribed Guyanese YouTube channel.

3. BackyardCafe Guyana

One thing a lot of Guyanese YouTubers generally have in common is the love of sharing their homemade cooking and recipes. Chef Delvin Adams on the other hand, is a professional. On his BackyardCafe Guyana YouTube channel, Chef Delvin introduces the world to Guyanese cuisine. He has done some collaborations with foreign YouTubers visiting the country, and was also the chef featured in Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted episode filmed in Guyana.

4. Real Nice Guyana

At 100,000 subscribers, Real Nice Guyana is one of the most subscribed YouTubers from Guyana. Although most of his earlier videos are cooking and recipe related, there’s still a lot of content showing the everyday Guyanese life. For example, these include his tour of different neighborhoods, coverage of religious ceremonies and more. To celebrate his 100,000 subscriber milestone, Naresh and his team handed out food to an impoverished area in Vreed-en-Hoop, Guyana.

5. little Guyana by Toocool family

Finally, the last entry on my list of the best YouTubers from Guyana is little Guyana by Toocool family. While a much smaller channel compared to ARD and Real Nice Guyana, it’s just as entertaining watching Toocool and his family travel around Guyana and celebrate the local festivities. Tocool’s wife also has her own channel, which is Bunny toocool and contains much of the same types of videos.


  1. No doubt about Danny Persaud taking the #1 spot. Because of him at least we are able to know and see what happens in Guyana.

    Also there are other vlogs like PHILIP ODWIN. These boys are all about LOVE FOR FISHING plus adventures.

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